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About Us

Learning Stars Prechool is a quality childcare centre dedicated to providing an inspirational and nurturing environment for children and their families. We offer expansive indoor and outdoor play and learning areas, with an emphasis on holistic development.The outdoor and indoor areas allow individual space to play, explore and discover. Our innovative learning curriculum and unique personalised services for parent and child makes us different than other childcare facilities.

Learning Stars see children as being competent and capable. To allow children to fulfill their potential they must work/play in an environment that enhances their overall development. An environment that enhances their self-esteem respects their individuality and meets their needs.

We do this by providing an education program where:

  • Learning is fun and joyful
  • Children develop at their own level
  • Children initiate their own learning through play and their interests
  • Children feel loved and respected
  • Children’s well-being and emotional development is supported with positive relationships so that all children feel special, unique and empowered

Our Philosophy

We at Learning Stars believe in the individual child and the rights of that child, and in doing so we base our philosophy on the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum Te Whāriki. We intregrate our own image of the Child with four mai principles of Te Whāriki:

  • Empowerment: Our curriculum empowers the child to learn and grow through supporting them to become interactive learners and constructors of knowledge.
  • Holistic Development: Our curriculum reflects the holistic way that children learn and grow through acknowledging them as unique free-spirited individuals.
  • Family and Community: The wider world of family and community is an integral part of our curriculum and we foster active participation from all three protagonists.
  • Relationships: Children learn through responsive and reciprocal relationships with people, places and things and we encourage the participation in meaningful relationships.

Our Teachers

We pride ourselves on the quality of our teaching staff. They are employed for their passion, love, knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment to children. Together we work towards achieving a common goal. We are committed to provide excellence in education and care. Our teachers' nurturing attitude and commitment to ensuring each child is cared for and supported in a warm, friendly and positive environment makes us the right place for your child.